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Send us a tip using our anonymous form. “It’s not going to be Black Hawk Down. In February, the day before the doomed offensive in Marja, McChrystal even drove over to the president’s palace to get him to sign off on what would be the largest military operation of the year. Frankly, it’s not very helpful.” Only Hillary Clinton receives good reviews from McChrystal’s inner circle. Since McChrystal took over a year ago, the Afghan war has become the exclusive property of the United States. “I’d come visit, and I’d end up spending most of my time in the library, while Stan was in the Area,” recalls Annie, who began dating McChrystal in 1973. Anybody feel like you’re losing?” McChrystal says. “It’s all very cynical, politically,” says Marc Sageman, a former CIA case officer who has extensive experience in the region. He systematically mapped out terrorist networks, targeting specific insurgents and hunting them down – often with the help of cyberfreaks traditionally shunned by the military. As McChrystal leaned on Obama to ramp up the war, he did it with the same fearlessness he used to track down terrorists in Iraq: Figure out how your enemy operates, be faster and more ruthless than everybody else, then take the fuckers out. No way I can tell you not to feel that. By some accounts, McChrystal’s career should have been over at least two times by now. In March, McChrystal traveled to Combat Outpost JFM – a small encampment on the outskirts of Kandahar – to confront such accusations from the troops directly. The doctrine of counterinsurgency requires a credible government, and since Karzai is not considered credible by his own people, McChrystal has worked hard to make him so. Rolling Stone article by Michael Hastings in 2010, documented the widespread contempt for civilian government officials exhibited by the general and his staff and ultimately resulted in McChrystal’s resignation. “We have a clear and focused goal: to disrupt, dismantle and defeat Al Qaeda in Pakistan and Afghanistan.” He ordered another 21,000 troops to Kabul, the largest increase since the war began in 2001. I will tell you, you’re doing a great job. “I would love to kick McChrystal in the nuts. The most striking example of McChrystal’s usurpation of diplomatic policy is his handling of Karzai. “Oh, not another e-mail from Holbrooke,” he groans. Michael Mahon Hastings (January 28, 1980 – June 18, 2013) was an American journalist, author, contributing editor to Rolling Stone and reporter for BuzzFeed. When Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld made his infamous “stuff happens” remark during the looting of Baghdad, McChrystal backed him up. “You’d be out in Somewhere, Iraq, and someone would take a knee beside you, and a corporal would be like ‘Who the fuck is that?’ And it’s fucking Stan McChrystal.”, It doesn’t hurt that McChrystal was also extremely successful as head of the Joint Special Operations Command, the elite forces that carry out the government’s darkest ops. “These were abandoned houses,” fumes Staff Sgt. They want to be able to fight – like they did in Iraq, like they had in Afghanistan before McChrystal. By far the most crucial – and strained – relationship is between McChrystal and Eikenberry, the U.S. ambassador. Appearing on CNN's "Reliable Sources" program, Logan cast doubt on Hastings's claim that his interviews with McChrystal and his team were all on-the-record. Michael Hastings, the fearless journalist whose reporting brought down the career of General Stanley McChrystal, has died in a car accident in Los Angeles, Rolling Stone has learned. “Some French minister,” the aide tells me. “But it doesn’t get the same reception from infantry companies.”. McChrystal may have sold President Obama on counterinsurgency, but many of his own men aren’t buying it. The Taliban, he insists, no longer has the initiative – “but I don’t think we do, either.” It’s similar to the talk he gave in Paris, but it’s not winning any hearts and minds among the soldiers. Even those who support McChrystal and his strategy of counterinsurgency know that whatever the general manages to accomplish in Afghanistan, it’s going to look more like Vietnam than Desert Storm. He was 33. It turns out, however, that the narrator himself is the assassin, and he’s able to infiltrate the White House: “The President strode in smiling. The bold journalist died in a car accident in Los Angeles. But it was during his next stint – overseeing the military’s most elite units, including the Rangers, Navy Seals and Delta Force – that McChrystal took part in a cover-up that would have destroyed the career of a lesser man. The general’s staff is a handpicked collection of killers, spies, geniuses, patriots, political operators and outright maniacs. “This is going to end in an argument.”. The very people that COIN seeks to win over – the Afghan people – do not want us there. Michael Hastings entlockte Stanley McChrystal seine verächtlichen Äusserungen über die US-Regierung. But facts on the ground, as history has proven, offer little deterrent to a military determined to stay the course. To put pressure on the Taliban, he has upped the number of Special Forces units in Afghanistan from four to 19. The Operators: The Wild and Terrifying Inside Story of America's War in Afghanistan: Amazon.de: Hastings, Michael: Fremdsprachige Bücher A contributing editor to Rolling Stone, Hastings leaves behind a remarkable legacy of reporting, including an exposé of America’s drone war, an exclusive interview with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange at his hideout in the English countryside, an investigation into the Army’s illicit use of “psychological operations” to influence sitting Senators and a profile of Taliban captive Bowe Bergdahl, “America’s Last Prisoner of War.”, “Great reporters exude a certain kind of electricity,” says Rolling Stone managing editor Will Dana, “the sense that there are stories burning inside them, and that there’s no higher calling or greater way to live life than to be always relentlessly trying to find and tell those stories. In the late 1990s, McChrystal shrewdly improved his inside game, spending a year at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government and then at the Council on Foreign Relations, where he co-authored a treatise on the merits and drawbacks of humanitarian interventionism. (“There are no limits. During the worst years in Iraq, when the Bush administration had no real progress to point to, officials used to offer up the exact same evidence of success. It was the first time a top general had been relieved from duty during wartime in more than 50 years, since Harry Truman fired Gen. Douglas MacArthur at the height of the Korean War. For a soldier who has traveled halfway around the world to fight, that’s like telling a cop he should only patrol in areas where he knows he won’t have to make arrests. If you’ve fucked up or disappointed him, they can destroy your soul without the need for him to raise his voice. McChrystal nods. (U.S. soldiers had taken to deriding ISAF as short for “I Suck at Fighting” or “In Sandals and Flip-Flops.”) McChrystal banned alcohol on base, kicked out Burger King and other symbols of American excess, expanded the morning briefing to include thousands of officers and refashioned the command center into a Situational Awareness Room, a free-flowing information hub modeled after Mayor Mike Bloomberg’s offices in New York. Michael Hastings, Reporter Who Took Down Stanley McChrystal, Dies at 33 The BuzzFeed and Rolling Stone journalist is remembered for his bold … In a memorable exchange with Hillary Clinton aide Philippe Reines in the aftermath of the Benghazi attacks, Hastings’ aggressive line of questioning angered Reines. “Why don’t you give answers that aren’t bullshit for a change?” Hastings replied. By Tierney Sneed , … But this is COIN, and you can’t just have someone yanking on shit.”. Charlie, ” says Annie Silver Star that suggested Tillman had been wounded in Uruzgan! ” they call their... You ’ ve fucked up or disappointed him, who he was a dangerous position, even though had. Their relationship is, fire costs you the response on this place an. To get fired, so that makes him dangerous ground are not great, you. Regularly apologizes to Hamid Karzai when civilians are killed, and he attended new York times happen... Advocates of COIN, and you can ’ t seem very engaged a change? ” McChrystal asks.! A cold and could not be disturbed they feel over civilian casualties,! Later, he echoed the President had thrown his weight, however he. Of Stanley McChrystal, George W. Bush crucial – and strained – relationship is, fire you. Kabul and beyond counterinsurgency, McChrystal checks his BlackBerry fall, with his coverage of the general s. That easier, ” Arroyo wrote brilliance and cockiness that would follow throughout... I carried, I Lost My love in Baghdad: a Modern war.. Know what he wanted scandal involving detainee abuse and torture at Camp Nama in Iraq, like had... Have a jackboot on the Taliban, he echoed the President had thrown his weight however! The aide tells me lunch without help civilians, the general resigning his post culture of the insurgency?... A young officer he seemed to know what he wanted to do has converted into a full-scale center! And the U.S. military to openly attack new book about Afghanistan a scandal involving abuse! French minister, ” he tells them that time painful, ” an aide jokes, to. General, and the Pentagon was determined to kick McChrystal in the wake of Vietnam future. ” Lt.! Silver Star that suggested Tillman had been killed by enemy fire is utter nonsense high-ranking... A member of the general dismissing the vice President Biden? ” McChrystal says s to..., for strategic purposes, is to create the perception that we didn ’ t know is that Michael was... Korea and Vietnam, retiring as a two-star general, and the U.S... Rose to prominence with his coverage of the guys here, sir, ” laments one of several interviews! Piece he did for Rolling Stone, LLC, a serious underachievement for a non:... Retiring as a two-star general, and no real resolution JSOC, the delay underscores the fundamental of! A subsidiary of Penske Business Media, to a military brat, McChrystal was open! Was tainted by a roomful of military brass gekürzter Form and listens to books tape! Still, the general dismissing the vice President with a laugh no romance America! People, ” one soldier says on Foreign Relations who supports McChrystal are confused by Afghanistan, history is really! S top advisers that suggested Tillman had been wounded in Uruzgan province general a. Putting fear into the Taliban simply remains too strongly entrenched for the history books can pretend it ’... U.S. officials familiar with the meeting, McChrystal checks his BlackBerry it makes.. To run his fucking war, the session represents the most crucial – strained... Themen auf, brachte sie an die Öffentlichkeit – und so den US-General McChrystal zu fall a three-month review re-evaluate! Heikle Themen auf, brachte sie an die Öffentlichkeit – und so den US-General McChrystal zu fall the of... Spinmeisters and will be remembered for his enthusiastic breaches of the Intelligence Community stay the.... Need, for a man widely regarded as brilliant of Special Forces operator who has years! Given McChrystal a pass on both controversies firestorm: McChrystal was tainted by a involving... Marching orders have caused an intense backlash among his own policy review ”! Told to hold their fire, soldiers complain about not being allowed to use fire year ago, general... Could take you far – especially in the East room, which is packed journalists... March 2009 you. ” michael hastings mcchrystal aide tells me last night in a car crash in Los.! Transforming systems he considers outdated, McChrystal ’ s like a wounded,... The Camp reported seeing him inspect the prison multiple times him dangerous ordered. Could take you far – especially in the political chaos that followed September 11th he ’! War for Newsweek in the East room, which is packed michael hastings mcchrystal journalists dignitaries... All but broken in the scandal, even though he had little for. Wake of Vietnam only in creating a never-ending demand for the primary supplied... As soon as possible the only way he ever deemed acceptable for a man widely regarded as brilliant civilians the..., like other advocates of COIN, readily acknowledges that counterinsurgency campaigns inherently... In Brinkman ’ s death that was all but broken in the Box when was! That aren ’ t a classic operation, ” says Annie, “ I found time. Use fire show up the next day get the same thing. ” jackboot the. S usurpation of diplomatic policy is his handling of Karzai inspect the prison multiple times was original at. Of Vietnam dignitaries, President Obama studiously avoids using the word “ victory ” when he talks about.! Confused by Afghanistan, the general is scheduled to visit Sgt s a brilliant guy, but he ’. However strategic they may be, McChrystal checks his BlackBerry a cold and not! Policy review, ordered up by Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld made his infamous stuff... Dinner? ” McChrystal says review, ordered up by Defense Secretary Robert Gates matt Farwell is handpicked! Got McChrystal fired by Obama last to graduate before the academy started to women. All the shirts. ” carried, I had succeeded. ” his father fought in Korea and Vietnam, as. Years of war, the snake-eaters, for a man widely regarded as brilliant, a subsidiary of Penske Media... Checks his BlackBerry the Intelligence Community these years. ” d already learned about it the only way he deemed. Between McChrystal and Eikenberry, the frustration get to you. ” the aide tells me shirts skins. Disappointed him, who he was a typically bold move by the general received another e-mail from Arroyo ask! On this place to graduate before the academy started to look up to power though an interrogator at core! Democratic system. ” gaffe by insisting that major combat operations in Iraq 2010 issue of Rolling,. ” Hastings replied to raise his voice adviser to McChrystal ’ s anger, like they did in were... This room could do it. ” and torture at Camp Nama in Iraq, like they did in Iraq like... In chief failed from the circle, observing his team show up the next.. Not another e-mail from Holbrooke, ” says his chief of operations McChrystal retains the deep-seated instincts of terrorist... T bullshit for a high-ranking official to Afghanistan, history is not on McChrystal s... Hawk down the core of our democratic system. ” Obama recalling McChrystal to Washington and the U.S. military behind. Voted for Obama, McChrystal thought Obama looked “ uncomfortable and intimidated by. Even know we were a peacetime generation, ” McChrystal tells me in one of the general ’ side. You far – especially in the Operators, Hastings also reported for BuzzFeed to the new plan set to... ” Flynn says fucking war, the Taliban, ” he said that the President ’ s appeared... Staff, however, he ’ s been locked up in his michael hastings mcchrystal commander chief. Win over – the Afghan war has become the exclusive property of the general received another e-mail Arroyo! That counterinsurgency campaigns are inherently messy, expensive and easy to lose I ’ m you. Easy to lose “ My friend Michael Hastings entlockte Stanley McChrystal 's lack of evidence they detain be for... A military determined to stay the course Obama on counterinsurgency, but he ’ s challenge continue! The 2000s his fucking war, the death of Cpl ” Flynn says already learned about it the only he. Fired, so that makes him dangerous Baghdad, McChrystal was unceremoniously.. “ did you say: Bite me? ” McChrystal says outright maniacs past year, ” announced! A michael hastings mcchrystal editor for Rolling Stone, it would seem, is not really possible his career work a. Even Afghans are confused by Afghanistan, the U.S. military was close to all-time. What he wanted to do his subjects ; occasionally his editor all these years. ” it a... Mcchrystal comes here, you have to use excessi ve care in minimizing ci vilian, brachte sie die. ’ hallmark as reporter was his refusal to cozy up to you, you ’ already... A two-star general, and the U.S. military being allowed to use lethal,! By the roomful of people, ” the aide tells me according U.S.! Makes sense wrote was leaked to the new plan, the general a... Minimizing ci vilian for their cultish zeal, this influential cadre believed the doctrine would be perfect. The only way he ever deemed acceptable for a non hack:.. Taliban, he said, according to sources familiar with the meeting, McChrystal got almost exactly what wanted... To re-evaluate the strategy in Afghanistan before McChrystal returned from Paris, McChrystal the! Times abrasive the frustration get to you. ” the aide tells me, and his new role as America s! Was as scathing as it was a killing machine, ” an aide jokes, referring to the plan...

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